Garden at the Balcony

May is a really good time to take care of ourselves, our home, garden and family. We have much more energy and the weather is getting better. It is worth to focus this power to make this space more luxury and relaxing, to make it peaceful place.

To do that we don’t need to much money, we don’t even need to have a big garden and outdoor space – just a balcony, a few hours of our time, an investment in accessories and plants on the balcony and willing to make a change. Making a balcony arrangement is pleasant task and bring us results in a really short time. The second half of May is usually the best time to start the work.

Plants on the balcony

Choosing those plants on the balcony mostly depends on our preferences. We can either decide to use some regular plants like in example begonys, hydrangea, petunia or choose something more complicated to maintain like herbs or creeping plants. Making complicated arrangements of plants on our balcony is mostly for people with wide knowledge about gardening.

Whatever plants we choose we should remember that it is better to buy them in seedlings. This will save us time spend on putting plants to the soil in seeds. All items that we think of should be thought through wisely and should depend on time that we are willing to spend on on taking care of the balcony and how much money do we want spend.


Second element that is needed to create a fabulous balcony area are accessories. We need something like planters and flower boxes. Those who love gardening might use big, heavy planters that will be suitable for all kind of plants and will secure their complicated plants arrangements. Creeping flowers would look especially good on the lattice hanging on the wall, near the window.

If we would be willing to spend some more time on the balcony and enjoy our work we can also buy ourselves a set of small furniture – table and chairs, and if we had enough space we can put there also a deckchair. Those improvements will definitely make our outdoor space more pleasant and guarantee us relaxing time.

Supplementing Water Features in Balcony Garden

Balconies are the vital additions to your homes, and those how have one perhaps know the importance of having a balcony in their home. But you have often observed that many people owning a house with having a terrace or balcony don’t pay much attention to it. For them balcony is nothing more than a limited space area with no usage. In fact they are unaware of the importance of this short space, which can bring life into the atmosphere of their homes with little effort and planning.

Although, balconies are limited in space and have very less space to think about adding some features to it, still there are number of ways through which you can make your balcony ideal for balcony garden with certain features like lighting, planting, hot tubs or spas and of course water features. Along with all other arrangements, an addition of water feature in your balcony will give it a life and sparkling theme. What is required on your behalf is to take its limitations into consideration carefully and adapt your conception accordingly.

Considering the Weight

The only major problem you come across while supplementing a water feature into your balcony garden is weight. The estimated weight of water excluding container is about 4.5 kg (10 lb) for every 4.5 liters (1 gallon). Remember this is the weight of water only and if we add the weight of container it will increase further, which can be dangerous. However, a small water feature can be helpful in this regard with a head sprouting water into a small bowl fixed to the back wall of the balcony. You can also incorporate a plastic liner faced, small raised pool in the middle of your built in features, usually matching like brick, timber or tiles. An inclusion of water pump can simply give a humble fountain effect in your balcony. On the other hand you can add preformed lightweight fiberglass pool as well.

You can make things even simpler for you by making use of old half barrel or any waterproof plant container, such as plastic trough, glazed terracotta, or stone urn to build a miniature pool for your balcony garden. Make sure that whatever you have selected is big enough to accommodate one or two water lilies, or a small fish or bubble fountain would be ideal.

Moving Water Features

Moving water features, though small in size can also produce a sparkling effect. A water feature operated by an electric pump united with a hidden water reservoir for recycling are best for limited space and more importantly lightweight. Rock, pebbles, metal ball or a wall mounted ornament can be used for cascade. Many free standing water features, such as sculptures, urns and fountains are also available. One thing you need to keep in mind with any sort of water feature is to have a proper size pool or reservoir to avoid splashing or spilling, which can damage to your balcony.

Stuck in the Space Between

As I sat on my balcony with a big cup of coffee in one of my oldest and most favorite mugs, on one of Nashville’s most perfect mornings, I looked out over the downtown and the amphitheater. The mug was from my single mom days, and it is an actual miracle that it has survived this long. I remember when I first bought it, and the second I saw it in the department store it made me smile. It exuded happiness in my usually gray world. I sat on my balcony and thought about that mug and that time in my life, which forced me to remember this weekend when Dave Matthews was playing at the amphitheater right off my balcony. I have been listening to Dave Matthews for as long as I’ve had that mug and when he started playing one of my favorite songs “The Space Between” it brought me right back in time.

When I heard Dave Matthews sing “The Space Between” for the first time it had an entirely different meaning than it did Saturday night. The first time I listened to that song I took it in its more literal meaning. For me, it was about a boy and a love that should never have happened but did. A love that would never grow into what I had wished it would. Fast forward fifteen years later, and I am sitting on my balcony with a boy who took me out of the shadows and breathed life into my soul. So that chilly Saturday night, me and my boy snuggled under blankets listening to Dave sing The Space Between and my mind was forced to hear that song differently. It has become more a song about me as a person than a love I wish I had.

If you know me, you know that I struggle with finding my purpose in life. I am always chasing “what is next,” “now what.” I have a large problem with waking up and having no plan for the day. That struggle is less when I am working, but my new life brings work in spurts. When I am working, I am running a million miles an hour. Usually, seven days a week, often 10 to 12 hours a day, but when the show or project is over, and I am home, it is as if I have slammed into a brick wall. I am usually exhausted, craving my chicken’s faces, my own bed and coffee in my favorite mug on my balcony. Once I have peeled myself off that brick wall, drank all the coffee, slept longer than sleeping beauty and hugged my chickens until they let out a yelp “mom, my ribs” I find myself in the space between and I am as lost in that space as I was 15 years ago.

I don’t like that space between, I feel so restless when I am sitting in that space, and as a person who hates change more than she hates peas, it has me craving change. I think that if I change something that restlessness will go away and something will fill that space between, anything. Currently, I have no new job on the horizon, no project in the works, no real plans for the future. Life is an entirely blank canvas, and I can do just about anything I want to do, anything to fill in that space, and it is so frustrating to me. Don’t get me wrong; I am grateful for all I have in my life, a great apartment, great kids, great husband. I am well aware of how far I have come, and I know that not everyone is “lucky” enough to sit on a balcony full of flowers looking at the downtown of America’s newest “IT” city with a cup of coffee and contemplate life.

Right now I don’t have any answers on how to fill that space between and the best I can do right now is fill that mug up with more coffee, sit on my balcony and hope the warm Nashville breeze will blow something into that space and fill it.