A Guide to Juliet Balconies

Juliet balconies are named after Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. These are not true balconies, but rather are usually a part of an upper floor and do not project from the building. Instead, there are walls on the sides and a balustrade in the front. A balustrade, from the French and Italian words for pomegranate flower, is a series molded shafts that stand on a footing and support the handrail of the balcony. The small space is designed to make a space feel larger and lighter, and as such is very popular in crowded cities, where outdoor space is hard to find. The large glass opening can make the outdoors feel directly connected to the indoor room, and both the light and aeration of the space will be enhanced. Gardens are also a valuable commodity in a city, and a Juliet balcony can allow for a garden of sorts by adding planters and hanging plants in the space.

Unlike a traditional protruding balcony, the Juliet balcony is not for extra space or entertaining, but instead are to add an outdoor feel to an indoor space. Many Juliet balconies still hold with the traditional shape of a narrow rectangle surrounded by a stone balustrade with glass doors leading inside. The best spatial advantage is taken when the doors open inwards. The popularity of the Juliet balconies is growing, and some are even converting existing windows by exchanging the windows for double doors or French doors, with the balcony fixed to the external architecture for safety and for the beauty of design.

Because of the strength and sturdiness of iron, it is often used for Juliet balconies. It is also very malleable, which allows for many shapes. The downside to a large iron piece, however, is that they are very heavy. The iron on the Juliet balcony may pull away from the exterior of the house and the repair is fairly expensive. One alternative to iron is aluminium, which is strong but light. However, aluminum is much more difficult to shape, making the balcony more function than form. Juliet balconies have a strong European influence and have a strongly traditional background, but several more recent manufacturers have been integrating more modern materials into their designs.

Balcony Beckoning: 5 Ways To Make Your Balcony Look Amazing

Balconies. They can be a bit drab, can’t they? Just a few square feet of concrete or paving, sticking out of your main window. Balconies are a little bit of space that you’re grateful to have, but you aren’t sure how to use.

However, balconies can be a whole lot more than just a place to dry your clothes. Here are five ideas to spruce up your balcony, which are sure to even make your friends with backyards jealous.

Just because there’s no grass, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden

One of the biggest mistakes people make when styling their balcony is running away from foliage, because trees and plants are for ‘people with huge gardens’ and will only draw attention to the fact that this is a tiny balcony and not, well, the grounds of Versailles. Wrong. Pot plants and creepers will help to bring a little bit of life to your outdoor space. Just be sure to check with your local nursery about plants that can live well without direct sunlight… and that won’t grow to be so big they break out of their pots.

Every home could use an extra room

Turn your balcony into an alternative entertaining area. Purchase outdoor furniture that works with your size of balcony. For example, while larger balconies can cope with a full outdoor dining set outside, smaller balconies benefit from a thin table pushed up against the railing, with bar stools on the other side of the table that can easily be pushed underneath to maximise space.

Store those necessities somewhere stylish

There are some things that you might need to keep out on your balcony: your washing line, your bike etc. However, leaving these things strewn across the space can look messy. A wardrobe painted with weather resistant paint can be a great way to store these odds and ends that need to be kept outdoors.) For smaller spaces, hang hooks on the wall so that you can store these things without compromising floor space.

Accessories are the key

Treat your balcony like you would any other area of your house, and accessorise. Candles on tables, paintings on walls; these are the things that can help you to start viewing the balcony as a pleasant place to be. Just make sure that they are weather proof or, if that’s not possible, keep a box handy out on the balcony and store them in there when you don’t have guests over.

Get in touch with Mother Nature

Okay. Fine. You don’t have a garden. But no one needs to tell your local wildlife that. Set up a bird bath and feeder on your balcony, to enjoy the company of birdlife all day long. The only downside is… Well, let’s just say that when birds relieve themselves it is substantially less noticeable in a garden than it will be on your pavers.

Balcony Gardening Made Pleasurable With a Potting Bench

Living in the city can have a major drawback when it comes to greenery. You’ll find that everywhere you put your gazes on you’ll find concrete buildings that are filled with metallic and glass structures. If you wish to see more plant life into your city dwelling, you can cultivate your own greenery right in your balcony.
Balcony gardening can be fun. Even in the smallest balcony spaces of your apartment you can easily create a garden area. You can use pots and containers to hold your desired blooms. You can even grow your own vegetable and pick fresh tomatoes and carrots every time. You can even resort to nurturing some herbs like rosemary, thyme and parsley. Instead of buying them in the grocery, you can simply pick and harvest these things right up your outdoor space anytime you are doing some home cooking.

But just like regular gardening, even your small balcony gardening space will require some work. You’ll still have to go through the tasks of watering, pruning, weeding and fertilizing. In order to make these varied tasks more pleasurable rather than exhausting, you need to invest in a potting bench.

A potting bench will allow you to effortlessly carry on the numerous maintenance tasks that you have to do on a regular basis. Instead of squatting and bending over all the time, you can work standing up in a more ergonomic way. In this manner, you will not suffer any physical pain in your knees, neck and back. Despite doing plenty of gardening routines, you’ll still have a smile plastered in your face right after accomplishing your maintenance chores.

This piece of gardening equipment will also make your daily routines done faster. This is so for not only can this be used as a comfortable working space, it can also act as a convenient storage space. It can come with built-in features like shelves, drawers, bars and hooks.

You can put whatever tools or supplies you have in such featured components. Watering cans, trowels, hand rakes, gloves and many more can be grabbed right away from here and used as soon as you can. Now, you don’t need to go back and forth inside your home to get and return these items. There’ll be no minutes wasted trying to look for them in your storage room inside. When finished, you just slide and hook them back in and feel some organization in your balcony air.