Balcony Grill – Why Finding the Ideal One Isn’t Easy For Apartment Dwellers

Are you a city or apartment dweller looking for a balcony grill you can use in your smaller outdoor space? Maybe you would like a grill that takes up very little storage space in your closet, spare room, or crawlspace. It would be even better if the same grill could perform all sorts of cooking tasks like roasting, grilling, smoking, and even pan frying. The grill would also need to clean up easily, so that it could be put away quickly. Last but not least, it would be awesome if your balcony grill used very little charcoal, so you could store less of that, too!

If you want a balcony grill that does all of that, and even more, you should consider the Cobb Premium Portable Grill. The Cobb is a wonderful little grill that is really a complete cooking system, a “kitchen in a bag.” Here’s some more information about it.

Weighing in at just under nine pounds, with a convenient carry bag, the Cobb Portable Grill takes up a little more than a square foot of space, so no matter where you keep it, there will be lots of room left for the rest of your gear.

Because the Cobb burns very little fuel – up to 3 hours on just eight to ten briquettes – you can get away with keeping a tiny supply of charcoal in your closet or spare room. Whether you do your grilling on a balcony, terrace, patio, or rooftop, the Cobb makes the perfect balcony grill.

No matter what kind of cooking you like to do – smoking, grilling, pan frying, or roasting – the Cobb Premium Portable Grill does it easily. The Cobb is available with accessories – like a frying dish/wok, a roasting rack, a griddle, and a frying pan/skillet – that make any of these cooking chores a snap. The Cobb also has a “flavor well” around the heat chamber that let’s you use your liquid of choice – beer, wine, whatever – to impart that “just right” flavor to your food.

Designed with safety and clean up in mind, the Cobb’s aluminum and stainless steel construction heats up in just minutes, and cools down for cleanup just as fast. Additionally, the Cobb’s mesh base – made of stainless steel – stays cool during the complete cooking process, which lets you place your Cobb on almost any surface. The Cobb really is the ideal tabletop balcony grill! You can even move your Cobb around safely during cooking.

Looking for the perfect balcony grill for your small living space? You don’t need to look any further than the Cobb Premium Portable Grill. To read more about the fascinating development of the Cobb (hint: it’s NOT what you think!) click through to balcony grill.

Transforming Your Balcony With Furniture

Transforming your balcony into useful lively space is not a very difficult task. If your balcony is connected to your living room then it is very important that you design it perfectly so that it can be used as an extension of your living room.

People generally tend to turn their balcony into an empty space or store room. Unfortunately balconies are not meant for that, instead it is an area to enjoy the outdoor feel of fresh air and sunshine. Besides, it also serves the purpose of creating an impressive look to your house. Spacing of balcony usually tends to be smaller compared to the porches and patios. But it is definitely possible to transform even a small area into a good relaxing and entertainment area. Here are few ways to transform your balcony into a wonderful and unique relaxing area.

Cleaning Up

First important thing is to clean up the area completely before you start decorating the balcony. Take care to remove all the unwanted items and wash of the dirt. Remember a clean and good smelling room is more inviting and cozy.

Shopping seating and furniture

The final touch to your balcony should make you proud to show off your balcony to anyone. So, shop for the right furniture. Do not go for least expensive ones, invest in those that are likely to last and make you comfortable. Also take care that you buy weather resistant furniture and accessories. A corner table for placing beverages and foods is pretty perfect for furnishing your balcony. You can also buy small round tables and few chairs, which would allow your family to enjoy the fresh air and sun from the comfort of your home.

You can also transform the area into a small breakfast area. Good decorative curtains and pillows can turn the complete feel of the space into a romantic area. If you have a larger balcony you can place an outdoor umbrella too.

Furniture for Narrow Balcony

Garden benches are more suitable and perfect for narrow and small balcony. It can provide perfect spacing for two or three persons. Decorating these garden benches with decorative throw pillows can add to the beauty. You can also place two chairs on either side of the benches that will create additional seating space.

Decor Ideas

Decorating your home represents your personality and so do decorating balcony. Decorating ideas depend on whether you are going to use it as an area for entertainment or relaxing space. Use soothing color like white, green or blue if you want to create a calm feel to your balcony. But if you want to give an entertainment feel then you can use orange, red or yellow colors. Outdoor lanterns can give the final touch to the beauty.


If you are planning your balcony for entertainment purpose you can use fountains as attractive centre piece or wall fountains to add to the beauty.

Go green

Having plants on your balcony can bring life into your house. So you can hang planting pots from roof or place planting boxes on the hand railings. These decorating ideas can give a European feel to your house.

With some good planning and care you can give an inviting atmosphere to your balcony. A beautiful balcony also adds to the entire beauty of your house from outside. So take care and design a beautiful and cozy balcony for yourself.

Creating An Internal Partition in a Balcony Garden

For people who have large balconies, this may be inevitable to raise a sort of internal partitioning with the help of an ornamental trellis. Partitioning can be done for so many reasons depending upon the usage of the balcony. Some people use this partitioning to enhance the privacy levels and other want it just to create a more warm and personal atmosphere. Whenever you decide to raise the partition in your large balcony, the options before you are numerous. The scope and range of trellis and screens are very vast these days, you can opt for side shelter, back wall cover up or internal screens.

Some trellises used for partitioning usually contain two layers to give maximum protection and the other incorporate windows through which you can appreciate a view. Trellises are really helpful and can easily be adapted to any shape and size. These can be arranged vertically horizontally and with odd spaces. If you combine one or two different types, this will give your balcony a very attractive look. Besides this, using a delicate patchwork will give you charming striped shadows. If you are more into classical themes, you can opt for the designs like a medieval scalloped profile, Georgian formality or ornamental posts and finials and the columns and arches of Greek temple.

Timber Screens

For landscapers and architectural designers, the use of timber is really very interesting. They not only work on classical themes but also create some new attractive designs out of timber. Timber is considered to be flexible as you can give it any shape or size according to your requirement. You can build a timber screen of any height of or width keeping in view the space available in your balcony. Like any other metal, you can give a fine finish to timber with paint and varnish to give it a shiny smooth look. The most traditional wood shades, such as rich red, dark or honey brown can be used to stain and varnish the timber. Even you can give your timber a more up to date appearance in the form of new pastel shaded stains. Dramatic effect can be achieved by staining your timber a strong Chinese red, deep blue or smart dark green. Remember, timber is something that can be as delicate or as striking as you want it to be. You can achieve a natural soft look by installing willow hurdles, reed or bamboo screens available in sections to your timber frames. They are best to achieve modern or oriental scheme in your balcony.

Metal Screens

Another important screening material is metal. Metal screens are used widely as meshed metal screens are available in variety of different shapes and designs. Metal screens are easily cut out and can be painted easily into your desired color. In addition to this, other shiny metallic finishes or glossy black schemes really make them desirable to create the stunning hi-tech scheme.

Metal is also known for its traditional and old fashioned aspects too. They are often available in Victorian style trellis sections, frames and arches. Metal possess a property of being soft and lightweight, so they are often used to create rose arbors, and bowers. These screens are also used support the plants when fixed in place properly or attached to the back wall.